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Lincoln Trust is getting a makeover!

Effective March 30, 2015, Lincoln Trust will be known as LT Trust. Along with this name change, we will launch a new website that emphasizes our focus on retirement success. Stay tuned!


Low Cost 401k | Open Architecture 401kLow Cost 401k | Open Architecture 401k

Lincoln Trust is a leading national provider of trust and custodial services, including open architecture 401(k) plans. Our low cost 401(k) plan solutions provide access to hundreds of fund families without imposing any product requirements.

Lincoln Trust offers numerous low cost 401(k) plan design options to appeal to plan sponsors of all sizes. We provide an open architecture 401(k) platform featuring over 24,000 mutual funds (including access to many institutional class funds), a dedicated service model and transparent fees.

Whether or not your plan has a designated investment advisor, Lincoln Trust’s robust retirement plan platform is designed to meet your company’s low cost 401(k) needs in a continuously changing marketplace. 



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